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Make and taste mead (honey wine) with meadmadecomplicated.org; or learn about the history of the drink of the gods or the science involved in mead making.

Mead is honey wine; it is the first alcoholic drink brewed by men, earlier than wine or beer. The famous nectar and ambrosia of the gods on Olympus were honey and mead. Mead was the beverage of Vikings and of their gods, of the Greek gods on Mount Olympus, of the Celts, Beowulf, etc.

 Drink mead 

  If you want to buy some mead, have a look at reviews of commercial meads and learn how to carry a mead tasting.

 Make mead 

  Making your own mead can be simple: just get some honey and a recipe. And if you ever have a problem, ask for help.

 Mead history 

  The past or the present of mead.

 Mead science 


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meadmadecomplicated.org is two years old

Mead made complicated has been around for two years (although the domain name has existed only for one and a half year, the site was created in May 2002)

meadmadecomplicated.org ranked first

Google directory has ranked mead made complicated first mead web site! [More...]

Beware the cork

You have just bought a bottle of mead and noticed some foam on the surface. Be careful. This is a sign that fermentation has restarted in the bottle. When you open it, you may get a few bubbles or something really sparkling. The main problem is that the cork is not suitable and may not stand the pressure. You may end up with a cork flying through the room and half a liter of mead on the floor. It is advised that you keep this bottle in the fridge and do not procastinate.
No kidding, this does happen.

Blending mead

Some mead makers will add a dozen ingredients in their meads (fruits, species, etc.) but fewer seem to blend honeys. It is a great way of improving the complexity and the balance of a mead though. This is commonly done with wines where several kinds of grapes are used. This allows to balance flavor (and cost.) [More...]

The importance of tasting

One mead that I tasted for the mazer cup was sweet and fairly good. One of the biggest mistake the mead maker made was to have it served too warm which made the mead appear too sweet. Mead tasting should be a major part of mead making. [More...]

How to increase the sale of mead

After the mazer cup, I chatted with Ken Schramm about how commercial meads could sell better. Ken thought that they would sell better if their quality were improved. I argued that the quality of beer is inversely proportional to how much is sold, so (in the case of beer) quality was not necessary to be successful.
People do not buy mead because they do not know mead, not because they cannot find good mead. [More...]

Chemicals or no chemicals -- Organic meads vs. use of chemicals

Some people can explain at length what nutrients to use, how to use sulfites or acids. Others will tell you how to make mead using only honey, water and yeast, without adding anything else. Who is right? [More...]

Mead categories

Should categories be based on the ingredients used or the taste that results? Should there be a 'show mead' category? How to handle varietal honey meads? [More...]

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